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Join Elevation Cycle's Colorado Team

Elevation Cycles is committed to bringing together some of the best folks in the bike industry to create an unmatched experience for our customers. We ride hard and love bikes, but it is our passion for building a healthy, high level team where people are supported to continuously grow that really defines who we are. If bikes have changed your life and you are driven to offer the best experience to help other share your passion, come help us elevate bicycle customer service. 

Retail Bike Sales Lead

Position: To support our growing team, Elevation Cycles will be adding a Sales position to one or more of our locations. This is a full time, year around position that will help foster the relationships and culture Elevation Cycles has built. We are looking for a passionate rider with sales experience who loves serving a wide range of customers in a fast paced environment. 

Expectations: As a leader on the sales floor, this person will be expected to set the standard for how to best serve our customers. An ideal candidate will need to have the empathy to understand a wide range of customers' needs and the extensive knowledge base to meet these needs. 

Ride hard, work with a rad team to continually elevate our ability to service our customers.  

Experience: At a minimum, the Sales Lead will need to have 2+ years riding and selling the latest, high end full suspension bikes, a familiarity with current road technology, and the ability to empathetically engage with those who are new to cycling. Additionally, we expect the Sales Lead to have previous experience in exceptional customer service or hospitality. 

Compensation: This is a competitive salaried position with health care benefits, paid time off, and a demo bike(after 1 full year).

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Production Bike Mechanic

Position: Full Time Production Mechanic

Expectations: We expect all of our mechanics to be professional, compassionate towards customers, humble enough to ask for and accept advice, and committed to continuously improving. The primary responsibilities for the production mechanic centers around thorough tune ups, basic suspension maintenance, bleeding brakes, building mid to high end bikes, and keeping the needs of the customer in mind as you service their machine.

Experience: To efficiently service a wide array of bikes, we expect a successful candidate to have at least 2 years of experience in a professional service center. While professional certifications (UBI, Barnett’s, etc.), are not strictly required, we expect a commitment to doing things properly. A solid grasp of current technology (Di2, AXS, suspension set up, etc.) and proficiently using tech docs is expected from day 1. 

Compensation: We offer competitive wages, health benefits, paid time off, and a demo bike (after your first year). 

Location: Currently, we are hiring for our Highlands Ranch and Parker locations. 

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